to the web page of the ribbon, lace and elastic band craft industry V.Vakondiou & Co. GP, based in Ano Liosia.

The company is active in the sector of textiles, manufacturing woven or knit elastic bands, ribbons, laces and braids, of cotton, polyester, polyamide and elastic threads, under the company name Finitex.

The company V. Vakondiou & Co. GP

has been established in its actual form in 1984, however the history of the Vakondios family in the sector of textiles begins in the 1930s.

The careful selection of raw materials, among top quality threads, in combination with the high level expertise which is guaranteed by our many years of experience, have led our company to a constant development through the years, while the sincere relationships of trust and confidence between the company and its clients and suppliers, have established it as a leader in the sector.

The Finitex products are recognized and distinguished for their constant high quality standards and are covered by an eco certification OEKO-TEXSTANDARD 100 (PRODUCTCLASS 1 -suitable for children), already since 1999. They are intended for use in men’s, women’s or children’s clothes, bags, hunting accessories, etc, while they can be also applied in other sectors such as the manufacture of furniture, awnings, mattresses, in bookbinding etc.

In 2007, the headquarters of V. Vakondiou & Co. GP have been transferred in a 1600 m2 area owned by the company, at the Industrial Zone of Ano Liosia, Attica, at 94, Odyssea Elyti street, were special care has been taken in order to ascertain:

  • Larger production areas with possibility of expansion
  • The addition of new production equipment
  • The manufacture of new products
  • Special storage conditions, for raw materials and products
  • Reduced energy footprint, with the use of the proper thermo-insulating materials and electricity.
  • Optimization of the production lines aiming at the faster possible delivery of the orders.

In order to monitor the quality of the produced goods, controls and inspections are conducted on a regular basis, so that the product standards are constantly met. The oeko-tex certificate is renewed every year, and is periodically controlled and inspected by the competent organizations.

The ribbon, lace and elastic band craft industry V.Vakondiou & Co. GP, in its continuous course toward the improvement of its products and services, as well as for the creation of strong cooperation relationships, is planning at a fast pace its expansion in other sectors of the ribbon textile industry, as well as its verticalization, so that it can be able to always offer promptly high quality products.

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